Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Temp Data Glitches

How bad is the global temperature data?
Watts UP With That 10/13/09

Excerpts Include:
The world’s climate data has become increasingly sparse with a big dropoff around 1990. There was also a tenfold increase in missing months around the same time. For many, many stations, you will see the data set in a monthly tabular form has many missing data months mostly after 1990

Most of the stations that dropped out were rural. More of the missing data points are having their missing months filled in with more urban data in the grid boxes.

Numerous peer review papers suggest an exaggeration of the warming by 30%, 50% or even more

One example.. from Maine. Volunteers completed surveys....The survey determined that every one of the stations in Maine was subject to microclimate or urbanization biases.

One station especially surprised the surveyors, Ripogenus Dam, a station that was officially closed in 1995. Despite being closed in 1995, USHCN data for this station is publicly available until 2006!

Part of the USHCN data is created by a computer program called “filnet” which estimates missing values.

How can we trust NOAA/NASA/Hadley assessment of global changes given these and the other data integrity issues? Given that Hadley has destroyed old original data because they were running out of room in their data cabinet, can we ever hope to reconstruct the real truth?

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