Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Web Site

I found a new interesting web site for consideration in the climate debate. I have only begun to review the information on the site.

Reclaiming Climate Science

A couple excerpts include:
I was an environmentalist who believed in Global Warming.
I was then challenged by contradictory evidence -
- that there is no science "consensus" - there is no consensus - and any claim that "the debate is over" is at best unscientific, at worst fraudulent

Global temperatures have been falling for ten years, yet CO2 is rising as steadily as ever
Climate Science has been taken over by people with political agendas, headed up by the UN IPCC

Official Climate Science has increasingly abused public trust,

Through slander and silence in the media, many do not even realize of the existence of friendly, informed, active skeptics networks where real science happens.

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