Sunday, November 23, 2008

Earthly Climate Has A 'Solar' Thermostat

From Harris-Mann Climatology

Our Earthly Climate Has A 'Solar' Thermostat And A 'Water Vapor' Humiguide

As I’ve said repeatedly in the past few years, our planet’s "CLIMATE BUS" has a huge rotary-type engine powered by the SUN.

This sleek, intelligently-designed vehicle has a smooth WATER VAPOR transmission and a combination MAGNETIC and ELECTRIC rear-end.

The bus has JET STREAM air-conditioning, WIND-POWERED steering and CORIOLIS FORCE front-wheel drive. This climatological ‘hot rod’ also boasts brilliant COSMIC RAY tires.

Just where is the MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING PART on the bus? Well, it’s merely a single LUG NUT on one of the rear wheels that’s continually spinning ‘round and round’ burning up BILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

It’s all "smoke and mirrors," folks, a never-ending YELLOW SCIENCE JOURNEY of DECEIT and GREED in the ‘opposite’ direction of TRUTH.

CLIMATE CHANGE is REAL! But, its recurring cycles of HOT and DRY, COLD and DRY, WARM and WET and COOL and WET are NATURAL, not MAN-MADE. Man only makes things worse, especially in the urban "HEAT ISLANDS" of pollution. Believe it!

I’m for "GREEN in your pocket" and "COMPASSION in your heart..."

By Climatologist Cliff Harris

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