Saturday, September 13, 2008

Al Gore as a victim

Many of us have seen how the politicians and corporate politicians snake their way out of blame for cheer leading a misshapen cause. The politician has a sense to find a scientist willingness to forsake their principles of of science for "the practical good". We also know of the politicians sense to be able to also enlist misguided scientists and persons into their cause - "I'm looking for a leader for this department with the good sense and knowledge that man is causing warming". "You agree warming is due to man, don't you"? "We are looking for team players".......... The list is endless for entrapping a person into their web.

This process also gives the politician a clean exit path. If they were wrong in the program, they have the persons to blame for misleading them. The politician always has a way to be the victim when things go wrong or to take full credit when things go right.

In the wreckage behind the politician there is a swath of persons willing to sell out on principle for their gain and well meaning, but misdirected persons. Either way it is a path of dead bodies and the politician lives to find another cause.

I find little sympathy for those scientists who will be left hanging with the blame when AGW blows up. It is insightful to read Atlas Shrugged with a focus on Dr. Robert Stadler - who become a sell-out, one who had great promise but squandered it for social approval, to the detriment of the free. He worked for the State Science Institute and thought he lead the project and direction, only to find he was a figure head being manipulated for the politicians.

When AGW blows up, you already know Al Gore will come out clean with hundreds of millions of dollars to his benefit.

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